There’s something special about a Bloody Mary. Its savory, tomato base mixed with vodka has made it a go-to drink for brunch goers or for those who are looking for a little “hair of the dog” after a night of drinking. Ordering one at your favorite restaurant has the added bonus of unique garnishes and snacks to go along with the drink, which is half the fun. 

Creating a Bloody Mary experience at home is simple, with the right planning. That’s why we’ve come up with the 5 Steps To Make The Perfect Bloody Mary. Follow these steps to make the perfect Bloody Mary for your next brunch, BBQ or after work happy hour. 

Step 1: Pick Your Mix

Carrie’s Merries is our preference, but we know there are options. Plain. Spicy. Clamato. Even carrot. You name it, you can probably find it. You could pick one up the next time you head to the supermarket. Or try making your own using tomato juice, lemon juice, pickle juice, worcestershire, tabasco and pepper is always an option. Whatever floats your boat. There are ample recipes out there.


Step 2: Choose Your Spirit.

Vodka is the traditional Bloody Mary booze. It is smooth, and is perfect for the “hair of the dog” aspect for brunch. Price points vary, so pick something you love. For a change of pace, try your favorite tequila for Bloody Maria. A beer can also be a fun way to add a touch of fizz and flavor to your drink. Not into booze? No problem. A good Bloody Mary Mix like Carrie’s Merries is drinkable on its own.

Step 3: Pick Your Garnishes:

One of the best things about a Bloody Mary are the fun snacks that come with the drink. They can be as simple as a celery stalk and an olive, or as ornate as crab legs. (Seriously, that’s a thing.) For a good Bloody Mary at home, get your favorites together. An easier way? Get a box from Carrie’s Merries with everything you’ll need. Just add vodka.

Step 4: Gather Your Supplies. 

A chef would call this mise en place, which is French for “everything in place.” In other words, get what you will need together  to make your Bloody Mary. This includes your spirits (see above), Carrie’s Merries Bloody Mary Mix, ice, garnishes, serving glasses, salt for the rims, etc. Having it all in one place when you start making the drinks makes it easier to make more rounds.

Step 5: Mix and Enjoy!

Add ice, vodka and Carrie’s Merries to your mixer. Pop on the top and shake. Strain into a salted glass, add your favorite garnishes and enjoy! Repeat as necessary to Unlock the Good Times. 

Follow these 5 Steps to Make The Perfect Bloody Mary and you’ll be a brunch hero.

Want everything you’ll need (just add vodka) delivered right to your door? Try a Carrie’s Merries Box. You’ll get a bottle of Carrie’s Merries Signature Bloody Mary Mix, Snacks and Garnishes, and Tips & Tricks to make a truly memorable experience. Unlock the Good Times with Carries Merries and order yours today! 

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