About Carrie’s Merries

Hi all, Carrie here!

Coming to ya from Saint Louis, Missouri! I grew up in a family who ran a small business, so naturally the entrepreneurial spirit was instilled at a young age. After receiving my degree in marketing, I traveled the world for various clients. I loved what I did, but my venturous ambition kept pushing me to follow my own dreams. One thing I noticed in my travels, was I had a really hard time finding a great Bloody Mary! I grew tired of the same old thick, spicy heartburn in a cup style bloody mary that leaves you with a mouth full of sediment. So, in true entrepreneurial style:

“If ya can’t find it, make it!”

That was the dawn of Carrie’s Merries! I sought out the very best ingredients, beginning with  San Marzano tomatoes, and then added electrolytes, and finished with a light, clean, crisp flavor. Carrie’s Merries are your track to unlock the good times! So, thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and for supporting a small business!

When I say I appreciate your business, I really mean it. And if you’ve tried Carrie’s Merries and enjoyed it, be sure to share with a friend, send to a family member, or share your pictures with us– I’d love to hear from you.  After all, life is about connections.

Have Fun, Be Safe, Be Merrie

P.S. When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance! And dancing makes people happy! So, thank you for making the world a little dancier…and merrier!

Life is about connections. With family. With friends. Feel connected and unlock the good times with Carrie’s Merrie’s. Made from San Marzano tomatoes, electrolytes, and special seasoning, Carrie’s Merries Bloody Mary Mix is not only perfect for a cocktail but is smooth and drinkable without being too spicy.


Carrie’s Merries is perfect for that person seeking out their next favorite bloody mary, and it gives you something fun to look forward to each month! It’s great for a special night in, as a gift set or just because you love bloody mary’s as much as I do! Subscribe to the premium box and we’ll deliver 7+ items to your door every month, with recipes and ingredients to experience the United States from the comfort of your home. Free shipping for all prepaid annual subscriptions, plus a free National Bloody Mary Day Box! The signature box will be 5+ items, all from local Saint Louis, Missouri businesses. It’s available for sale or to send as a gift anytime. Our Sunday Funday box is a bottle of Carrie’s Merries with 3+ items needed to make your Sunday truly a fun day! The Hot Box is the same, except your additional box items will be spicy.  Find your perfect connection today!