Enjoy the flavors of Tennessee while exploring your favorite BBQ! Happy Summer to everyone!


Barbeque and side items are popular throughout the entire United States, but the phrase “Meat and Three” has roots traced back to Nashville! A Meat and Three meal is most often served with cornbread, sweet tea, and seasonal vegetables. So, kick off BBQ season the right way…the  Tennessee Meat and Three way!

Wait, did I just say three way…



Brisket (You decide how big! But because you will trim off a fair amount of fat,  an 8 pound brisket is likely to be 6 pounds after being trimmed, and more like 4 pounds after cooking. Just for reference!)

1/3 Cup Allegro per pound of Brisket

Ziploc Bag to marinade the brisket in

Smoker, Crock Pot or Oven (beef brisket is not about a recipe, it’s a process you can only learn by practicing on whatever cooker you own, so do what makes you comfortable!)

Ingredients for Cornbread and whatever other sides you choose!



1.) Rinse brisket and trim the fat layer.

2.) Place in a Ziploc bag

3.) Pour 1/3 cup Allegro per pound of meat.

4.) Refrigerate and turn frequently for up to

24 hours.

5.) Smoke it, bake it, or crock pot it. Whatever method you choose, keep these 7 steps in mind as you go. Take good notes and you’ll get better each time!

a.) Selection

b.) Trimming

c.) Seasoning

d.) Smoking

e.) Wrapping

f.) Resting

g.) Slicing

6.)  The range a brisket can be done will range anywhere from 195 degrees F to 215 degrees F.

7.) When you have reached the appropriate and safe temperature, let the brisket rest for at least 30 Mins.

8.) Prepare cornbread and other sides while meat is resting. Slice brisket and Serve!

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